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One of the most dynamic speakers in the automotive business, John Priest is from the "new school" of the automotive industry. In 1990 John Priest started his career with the largest family-owned dealer group in the Northwest. He quickly became the number-one sales associate while working at the flagship corporate store. Needless to say, many “Salesman of the Month” plaques hang in his home office today. In 1991 he achieved the top honor of “Salesman of the Year” . . . and then backed it up again in 1992!
    John Priest quickly moved up the chain of command and took on the responsibility of a crew chief, where his talent for managing and training sales associates was recognized. His crew quickly became the top-performing team in the corporate store. Of the three teams in the store, John's team consistently outsold and achieved higher gross profit than the other two teams combined, using the methods that he used when he was selling.
    In 1994 John's ability to capture and harness his sales team's attention through training, motivation and genuine hard work propelled him to become one of the company's youngest desk managers in the corporation.
    John's drive for continual growth never stopped. Investing thousands of dollars in sales workshops, presentation workshops, voice and communication seminars, computer programs and academic classes, he enhanced what he already knew. This made him a more professional and effective manager and trainer. As a graduate of these classes, John knew that taking his sales skills to that next level was crucial, to stay “in the game” as a professional in today's automotive industry.
    Working in such a fast-paced store, John realized one thing that hit home. Many potentially good salespeople did not have a fighting chance to succeed in this industry, due to the lack of effective training and attention needed in the crucial first 30 to 60 days. He heard it everywhere, “here are the brochures, there are the keys, watch the videotapes, get an 'up' and go sell a car” was the typical training that new-hires received. From there on it was, “fend for yourself” and they were “thrown to the wolves.”
    John Priest found that he had a strong passion for showing new hires how to sell cars the right way. Setting the right foundation was crucial for someone to succeed in this industry. And ever since then, he has never looked back. With the same passion that he started with over 20 years ago...
     John Priest quickly became the number-one sales recruiter/trainer in the country, and was a National Sales Trainer & Director affiliated with AutoMax. He has attained the honor of AutoMax “Trainer of the Year” for 6 consecutive years in a row!  His responsibilities included training the trainers and acting as mentor to guide the development of other AutoMax sales trainers. 
    In 2010 John branched out on his own, and created a team of experts in the field of volume recruiting, advertising, staffing, jobfairs, promotions and video/film/web media production.
    John Priest is known as one of the most influential speakers in the automotive business today.
    With his drive to positively influence everyone he comes in contact with... automotive recruiting and training is the perfect chemistry that will fulfill both the dealerships' expectations and his own personal future goals.
What you should know

John Priest

President of JKP & Associates Inc. Expert Automotive Recruiter/Trainer
Promotion & Advertising guru 
Entrepreneur Extraordinaire’

Automotive Awards Achievements: 
Numerous Salesperson of the Month!
Joe Verde: Sales Pro Certification
Jow Verde: Sales Mgr. Certification
Salesperson of The Year! (2 years)
Top Closer
Sales/Desk Manger
EFG (Enterprise Financial Group) Finance Training/Graduate 
Finance Manger 
Regional Sales Trainer 2000
National Sales Trainer 2001
Automax Training Director 2002
Recruiter/Trainer of the Year! 2002,03,04,05,06,07
2008 Automax’s “Trainer of the Year” award re-named “The Priest Award”
2010 Still the top VOLUME Automotive Recruiter in the USA. 

Favorite Activities/hobbies:
Off-road Motorcycle/ATV riding
Remote control airplanes
Power Kiting on the Coast
Web Guru/Apple Mac Fanatic!
“Old-School” arcade video games
Snowboarding up @ Mt. Hood
Driving in Snow!
Campin’ in the woods!
Tactical Gear (all kinds)
Infatuation with hi-power L.E.D. Flashlights (Fenix & Jetbeam brands) 
Photography & Video Production
Playing Baseball with my 2 sons!

favorite book:
“Little Red Book of Selling!”
    -Jeffrey Gitomer

favorite bands:
Van Halen/both versions
Depeche Mode
The Crystal Method
Tears for Fears
Jack Johnson
John Mayer
Sinead O’Conner

Favorite Vacation Spot:
Jackson Hole, WY

Personal Motto:
“If you keep doin’ what your doin’...Your gonna keep gettin’ what your getting!”

Favorite links:
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