Our client list represents some of the 
Biggest & best dealer groups in the USA!
Chop (from the hit TV Reality Show 
"The King of Cars!") & John Priest!
Location: Towbin Dodge Las Vegas Nevada... just one of our loyal clients!

Towbin Dodge (The King of Cars!) Las Vegas, NV
#1 Dodge Retailers in the USA!

Norm Reeves Honda Superstore  Cerritos, CA
#1 Honda Retailers in the USA!

Planet Honda Union, NJ
#1 Honda Retailers in New Jersey/NY area!

Lexus of Bellevue (O’Brien Autogroup) Bellevue, WA
#1 Lexus Dealer in the entire Pacific North West!

Anderson Honda Palo Alto, CA
#1 Honda Internet Dealer in CA

Toyota of Kirkland (O’Brien Autogroup) Kirkland, WA
#1 Toyota Dealer in C.S.I. in Washington!

Acura of Seattle (O’Brien Autogroup) Kirkland, WA
#1 Certified Acura Dealer in Washington!

Laryy H. Miller Autogroup (Honda of Hillsboro) Hillsboro, OR
One of the largest family owned Dealers in  the USA!

AutoNation (Power Nissan) Irvine, CA
#1 Automotive Retailers in the WORLD!

McGrath Autogroup / Chicago, IL
One of the most trusted “Family Owned” dealers in Chicago!

Van Tuyl Auto Group (Camelback Toyota) / Phoenix AZ
#1 Toyota Dealer in Arizona!

Van Tuyl Auto Group (Peoria Nissan) / Peoria AZ
#1 Volume Nissan Dealer in Arizona!

Van Tuyl Auto Group (Camelback Ford) / Phoenix AZ
#1 Ford Dealer in Arizona!

Van Tuyl Auto Group (Bell Honda) / Phoenix AZ
#1 Honda Civic Dealer in Arizona!

Van Tuyl Auto Group (Showcase Honda) / Phoenix AZ
One of the Largest Honda Dealers in Arizona!

Van Tuyl Auto Group (Pinnacle Infiniti/Nissan) / Scottsdale AZ
#1 Infiniti Dealer in Arizona!

Van Tuyl Auto Group (Gwinnett Place Nissan) / Atlanta GA
#1 Nissan Dealer in Georgia!

Van Tuyl Auto Group (Airpark Chrysler/Jeep) / Scottsdale AZ
#1 Chrysler/Jeep CSI Dealer in Arizona!

Van Tuyl Auto Group (Midway Chevrolet) / Phoenix AZ
#1 Chevy Dealer in Arizona!

Van Tuyl Auto Group (Midway Nissan) / Phoenix AZ
#1 Internet Nissan Dealer in Arizona!

Van Tuyl Auto Group (Van Chevrolet) / Scottsdale AZ

#1 Corvette Dealer in Arizona!

Landers McLarty Autogroup (Chevrolet) / Huntsville, AL
The #1 Chevy Dealer in Alabama!

Spitzer Autogroup / Cleveland, OH
“Family Owned” since 1904!

Larson Autogroup / Tacoma, WA
#1 Family Owned Dealergroup in Tacoma/Puyallup WA

Bill Pierre Ford & Chevy / Seattle, WA
#1 Ford & Chevy Dealer in Seattle!

Terry Taylor Auto Group (Littleton Nissan) / Denver CO

#1 Largest Nissan Dealergroup in the USA!

United Nissan / Las Vegas, NV
#1 Nissan Dealer in Nevada!

United Auto Group/Penske (Atlanta Toyota) /Atlanta, GA
#1 Toyota Dealer in Georgia!

Broadway Toyota/Scion Portland, OR
#1 Toyota Dealer in passenger car sales in Oregon!

Tonkin Autogroup / Portland, OR
#1 Family Owned Dealer Group in Oregon!

Bob Lanphere Autogroup (Beaverton Honda) Portland, OR
#1 Honda Dealer in Oregon!

Bob Lanphere Autogroup (Renton Honda) Renton, WA
Largest Honda Dealer in Washington!

Sound Ford / Renton, WA
#1 Ford dealership in South King County area!

Boardwalk Autogroup / Redwood City, (San Francisco) CA
#1 C.S.I. Dealer in Northern California!

Cardinale Autogroup (Nissan) Seaside, CA
The Largest Family Owned Dealer Group on the central California coast!

Salt Lake Valley GMC / Salt Lake City, UT
#1 GMC Dealer in Utah!

West County Honda Superstore St. Louis, MO
One of the newest family owned Dealers in St. Louis!

Jim Fresard Pontiac/Buick/GMC / Detroit, MI
Top 10 GMC Dealer in Michigan!

Town & Country Autogroup Gladstone, OR
Rated “Top 100” Employers in Oregon! -Oregon Business Journal

Weston Pontiac/Buick/GMC / Gresham, OR
Rated #1 Employer in Oregon! (out of the top 100)

-Oregon Business Journal

Gladstone Nissan / Portland, OR
One of the top Nissan dealerships in the Portland Metro area!

JayLee’s Honda of Sumner / Sumner, WA
The Newest Honda dealership in the Sumner Washington area!

“If you can’t run with the big dogs... 
stay on the porch!”
Partial Client List Below
“ John Priest has been doing business with us for over 10 years now, because he is the best at what he does! He can do in ONE WEEK what takes a dealership all month to do”
-- Richard Lennard (GM of Beaverton Honda)
Contact Us Heremailto:info@jkpassociatesinc.com?subject=Recruiting%20Wantedshapeimage_19_link_0
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  Its tough to find good sales people for the car biz! Especially now with all the “favorable press” we have been getting lately! Well your job just got easier. John Priest will conduct a week long recruiting 
JOB-FAIR for your dealergroup. John Priest will do all the recruiting, interviewing, screening 
AND the basic training for one full week, BEFORE they are even hired!
  Let them weed themselves out DURING THE TRAINING, not after you hire them! This week is basically a week long interview process for these salespeople to make sure they want to (and can) do this! 
If they are still standing there in the training room at the end of the week... they are worthy! 
  We can do in ONE WEEK what takes a typical dealergroup all month to do! “Green-Pea Idol” and JOHN PRIEST is coming your way, so get ready for a fresh batch of new salespeople!  -John Priest

Recent New-Hires!

“ It would take us all month and sift through over 500 applications to find the caliber of people JOHN PRIEST found for us in ONE WEEK! This works! ”

-John Anderson / Dealer Principle: Anderson Honda, Palo Alto