“Did you get their name & number!”

Check back here to get some of the latest marketing and promotional programs to help you sell more cars! Just being a nice person wont get you more sales. You need to stand out from the crowd and DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT than your competition! Here are some proven promotions that work! Use them in creative and productive ways to get more sales!

Use these JKP & Associates Inc. approved promotions to CLOSE MORE DEALS!

If you dont do something “extra” for

your customers, someone else will!

How many times has a sales manager said that! More important now, then ever before... you must have accurate customer contact information. However getting it still proves to be a challenge for even the most skilled salespeople.


Let US get your customers names & numbers for you!

Our airline ticket promotion gives your customers a great incentive to buy from you now AND gives your sales dept. the followup information they need to sell the people that dont buy.


from everyone that comes into your dealership so you can sell more cars! We can also find out “why they didnt buy” with our intergraded survey software! Check out our Promo-Paks!

With your sales staff armed with this information, you can finally have a productive “save a deal” meeting with the answers you need  directly from the customers mouth!


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Look at what you get with our...
airline ticket promo-pakhttp://2tickets4me.com/E-ticket_Promo_Pak.htmlhttp://2tickets4me.com/E-ticket_Promo_Pak.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1
  1. BulletUse them to close more deals

  2. BulletGet more referrals

  3. BulletGet more appointments to show-up

  4. BulletOffer more than you competitors

  5. BulletUsed to shake em “off the fence

  6. BulletGet your customers REAL name & numbers! (keeps your mgr. happy)

  7. BulletGet the entire contact information of everyone you spoke to that month!

  8. BulletCustomers contact info automatically emailed to you in “live-time

  9. BulletFind out “why they didnt buy

  10. BulletHave more productive “save-a-deal” meetings, armed with all this info!

  11. BulletPowerful incentive to reward customers for doing business with you.