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JKP & Associates Inc. specializes in volume recruiting of automotive sales people for major dealer groups across the country. JKP & Associates Inc. does all the recruiting, interviewing, screening and training of new salespeople for your dealership, while you focus on selling cars! 
  Since the year 2000, John Priest has done in ONE WEEK what normally takes a dealership all month to do! If you need salespeople now, call or email us to schedule your own recruiting campaign. Contact Us Heremailto:info@jkpassociatesinc.com?subject=Recruiting%20Wantedshapeimage_2_link_0
John priest is rated the #1 volume recruiter in the USA!

Just one of our loyal clients!

Towbin Dodge

The #1 Dodge Dealership in the Nation!

Here is “CHOP” telling you like is... thought you knew?